Beluga was founded in 2002 by Alexander Mechetin with the express desire to make Russian vodka more premium. Long suffering from a reputation both domestically and abroad as less premium than other classic spirits, Mechetin was determined that a premium but resolutely artisan vodka was sorely missing from the category as a whole. The Mariinsk Distillery, deep in the heart of Siberia, was chosen as the perfect home of Beluga. Founded in 1900, Mariinsk has a reputation for producing some of Russia’s finest spirits from very high quality ingredients. One of the secrets to their success is the water drawn from artesian wells nearly 300 metres deep. This high quality water is one of the key factors that account for Beluga’s high quality—considering that 60% of the final product is water—with the other notable factor being the special wheat malt—expensive and labour intensive to cultivate—and the unique methods of filtration employed to ensure their vodkas are pure.

The Beluga range showcases not just the skill of distillation, but the impact resting can have on the finish product. Starting with Noble, then moving through Transatlantic, Allure and ending with Gold Line, each vodka is rested slightly longer than the last, allowing the spirit to relax and mellow. This gives a luxurious texture and balance. To appreciate the beauty of Beluga, try Gold Line in a martini.