Roughly translated as “house of friends,” Casamigos started off as more of a hobby or passions than a business. Hollywood icon George Clooney, and his friend, hospitality tycoon Rande Gerber, were exploring to world of tequila while building their respective holiday houses in Mexico. While sampling many tequilas throughout the day and night, the two hadn’t quite found a product that satisfied their palate. So began a search for a tequila that spanned a reported 700 different samples, ending up with the product from one distillery that the pair began to order for personal consumption at a rate of 1,000 bottles a year. They were told that should they exceed this 1,000 bottle limit, a licence would need to be acquired. Thinking why not, the pair decided to establish the brand Casamigos in 2013. After a soaring success, in part owing to Clooney’s celebrity, but primarily because the liquid was delicious, the company was sold to drinks behemoth Diageo for a potential $1 billion. The range comprises Blanco, Reposado and Anejo, with a Mezcal the most recent addition.