Chateau Petrus

Perhaps the most famous wine in the world and a byword for luxury (and price), there is plenty of substance here as well. Less than 200 years old, Pétrus was little known outside of the region until the second half of the 20th century when Jean-Pierre Moueix became its sole agent (and eventually owner). Although 5% of the 11.5 hectare vineyard is planted to Cabernet Franc, the end wine is nearly always 100% Merlot, grown on clay soil. Pétrus is often harvested before other Pomerols, as they seek freshness rather than outright power and it is a wine of deep fruit and supmtuous texture, but never monolithic or heavy. Around 3,000 cases are made each vintage but the high disiremability have lead to Petrus being a large taget for fakery.