El Rayo

El Rayo was founded by Tom Bishop and Jack Vereker who wanted to create a range of tequila that people could drink freely; that had character, was delicious, but not sitting in the premium end of the category. After a lot of exploration and testing, El Rayo launched two tequila: a Plata (aka Blanco), and a Reposado, made with Maestro Tequilero Oscar Garcia. The secret behind El Rayo, and what makes their tequila so delicious, is the blend of highland and lowland agave, giving the citrus and floral notes of the highlands, along with the peppery, vegetal flavours of the lowlands. After this blend is roasted for 12 hours, it is shredded, then twice distilled in century-old copper stills. Try with tonic water for a super refreshing drink.