Founded by Max Davies-Gilber, Robin Clough and Sebastian Gonzalez, Tequila Enemigo sought from the very beginning to break existing stereotypes and long-held perceptions about tequila. Enemigo, which directly translates as enemy or adversity, took four years to develop, involving numerous trips to Mexico, countless tastings with private individuals and industry professionals, and lots of time designing and refining the brand and bottle. The day after launching, their 00 Extra Anejo was awarded the Masters medal at the Luxury Spirits Master. Since that day, both the 00 Extra Anejo and 89 Anejo Cristalion (so named after the 89 iterations required to perfect this product) have picked up an incredible number of awards.

Enemigo tequilas are made from Blue Weber Agave grown on the volcanic, mineral rich soils of the lowlands, giving them a vegetal complexity compared to those of the highlands. Instead of using ex-Bourbon barrels or similarly re-used barrels, as it the convention, Enemigo’s barrels are hand crafter from Quercus alba oak, which is air dried and seasoned in Cuba, Missouri, for at least 26 months. The result is two hugely impressive tequila that are remarkable for their complexity, elegance and verve. 89 Anejo Cristalino is, surprisingly, aged in barrel for over a year, prior to undergoing a three-stage Carbon-Cellulose to remove the colour, but retain the flavour. 00 Extra Anejo is aged for over three years, which lends a stunning complexity and quality reminiscent of the finest Cognac.