Grey Goose

Founded in 1997 by Sidney Frank, the story of Grey Goose is short but impactful. Originally created for the American market, the home for Grey Goose was chosen as Picardy in the north of France, where superior winter wheat is grown and distilled. The distillate, devised by Cellar Master Fran├žois Thibault, is then shipped to Cognac, where it is cut with natural spring water, filtered through the limestone, and bottled. Less than a year after its launch, Grey Goose was named the best-tasting vodka in the world by the Beverage Tasting Institute. The success that followed arguably define the luxury vodka category, paving the way for other now-iconic brands. As Grey Goose was seen being drunk by various celebrities, and on the tables of nightclubs, the brand grew in value, to be purchased in 2004 by Bacardi for a reported US$2 Billion.