Gunther Steinmetz

Weingut Günther Steinmetz was founded in the 1900s in Brauneberg, overseen until 1938 by third generation Stefan’s great-grandfather, August Steinmetz. Stefan took on the role of Cellar Master and cultivation manager in 2000, alongside his mother Edith, until 2014 when Stefan took charge alongside his wife Sammie with their three children to continue the tradition that their family started over a hundred years ago. The focus of the meticulous work in the vineyard and cellar is to bring out the expression of each individual vineyard. Minimal intervention is employed in the vineyard through not using fertilisers or herbicides and insecticides. In the winery, Sammie and Stefan avoid any addition of treatment agents such as yeasts and fining agents, as well as acid additives or deacidification limes. Also, no animal proteins are used. All wines, without exception, are fermented spontaneously in large wood or steel.