Hazelburn Distillery

Hazelburn is a brand produced at Campbeltown’s Springbank distillery. Hidden amongst the backstreets of Campbeltown, behind a church, the Springbank distillery buildings have been family owned since 1828, the longest running example in Scotch whisky. They are one of few distilleries who can claim self-sufficiency: all the distillery’s requirements are provided for on site. They malt, distil, mature and bottle in one location – a feat enforced on them when, following the 1980s crash, they were left short on contract fillings, so went back to fundamentals.

They ferment for around 100 hours, ending up with a low-strength wash of around 4.5-5% ABV, which gives lots of fruitiness and loads of esters. There are three stills: a direct-fired wash, and two low wines stills. The distillery produces three styles, which are each branded differently: Springbank, Hazelburn and Longrow.

Hazleburn is triple-distilled to produce a fragrant, smooth and appley whisky. In its youth, it is super clean and very drinkable. With age, dried fruit develops, with a citrus vibrancy cutting through.