Hine takes its name from Thomas Hine, and Englishman from Dorset who, in 1791, travelled to France to find out how cognac, his father’s favourite drink, is made. However, his timing was poor as the French Revolution was gathering pace. Thomas was captured and, somewhat fortuitously, imprisoned at Château de Jarnac in Cognac. While imprisoned for several months, he ultimately charms and in 1817 ends up marrying Françoise-Elisabeth, the daughter of his hosts and captors. His name is given to this House.

Now in their sixth generation, Hine has established itself as a producer of high quality cognacs based on exceptional quality white wines as their base. They draw Ugni Blanc grapes from Grande and Petite Champagne, and always focus on retaining freshness and vivacity; using oak to mature but not mask the essential character of their spirits.