La Rioja Alta

One of the most historic and greatest Bodegas in the region, this fiercely traditional firm was founded in 1890, and is still run today by descendants of the five families who founded it. They own 360 hectares of vineyard land in the finest subzones of Rioja Alta, with the vast majority planted to Tempranillo. An increasing percentage is planted to Graciano, as they firmly believe in the quality of this temperamental variety.The yields are kept deliberately low, some 25% below the maximum legal limits. After fermentation in the ultra modern gravity flow winery, the real magic of La Rioja Alta begins. The barrel hall here is a sight to behold. The size of a football pitch, underground and stacked 5 barrels high, there are 50,000 casks of wine gently ageing. Each cask is racked to another every 6 months to allow some gentle oxidation that is all part of the traditional taste of top Rioja. Only Reservas and Gran Reservas are made here and at every level, the wines are among the greatest made