Umberto Salvioni planted a small vineyard in Montalcinoto at his 20 hectare La Cerbaiola estate to make wine to share with friends. His son Giulio expanded the vineyard to its current 4 hectares to produce a limited number of bottles of the highest quality with 1985 the debut vintage which received the coveted Tre Bicchieri in the Gambero Rosso. Since then, the winery has become one of the most sought after in the Montalcino DOCG and Giulio’s son David and daughter Alessia have joined him at the estate. Only around 800 cases are made each vintage, with the wine matured in 6 huge Botti under the family home in the centre of Montalcino. In lesser years, some of the production is declassified to Rosso, in great years, all is sold as Brunello. These are handmade, artisan wines of ethereal beauty, with as much in common with fine Burgundy or Barolo as with many more commercial Brunellos.