St Supery

St. Supéry was created in the 1970s by French winemaker Robert Skalli, the property was purchased by Chanel in 2015. All wines are from estate grown fruit and there are two separate parts of the estate, 25 hectares on the Rutherford Bench on the valley floor and the 700-hectare Dollarhide Ranch in the north-east of the valley, where 200 hectares of vines are surrounded by fallow land and lakes. All water is recycled, and the winery has a Napa Valley Green certification. The focus has always been on Bordeaux varietals and St. Supéry is one of only a handful of Napa wineries that make 100% estate-grown wines, which not only allows full control over fruit quality, but also allows the land to be managed sustainably. The winemaker is Michael Scholz, a Barossa native with 20 years of experience in the Napa, who each vintage makes hundreds of small lots from each separate part of the property, before blends are put together. Heavy investment in the estate in the 2000s is starting to pay off with a string of superb vintages now coming on the market.